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Oh, Hello. 


I seek to hear people so I can truly see them. I look to do this in every aspect of my life…because if we don’t listen, truly listen, then how can we learn?


In the simplest terms I'm a creative that thrives on connections. I’ve lead teams of creatives towards solid inter-department collaboration, I've helped build campaigns for the largest brands out there by telling their stories in a compelling, meaningful and engaging ways that reach their target consumers like never before.  I wholeheartedly believe that collaboration is the essential in innovation and the best leaders are measured by the success of their team, but shouldn’t we all believe that?

Client Work

Roosevelt University | Verizon Wireless | Nike | LEGO | Beringer Wine | Shell Oil | GLK Foods | Air National Guard | BlackBerry | Walgreens | Hershey Foods | La Costeña | National Pork Board | Anthem Blue Cross | W.L. Gore & Associates | Sony |  PlayStation |  Bridgestone | Firestone | Victory Motorcycles | INDYCAR / Klipsch | Hill’s Pet Food | Healing to Action 

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