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We RU Campaign 

The Ask Showcase Roosevelt University in an authentic, eye-catching campaign. Bring our students, faculty, alumni and University front and center to help prospective students see themselves as a part of our community.


The Solution There is a sense of pride being a Roosevelt student. The Roosevelt University community is represented by a multitude of countries, ethnicities and global perspectives, celebrating each individual’s uniqueness.


A community of individuals.


This is evoked in the rallying cry of “Who Are We? We RU,” coined by a group of undergraduate students. Essentially, “We RU” but we represent the world. We are Roosevelt University (RU) and we are you. We are writers. We are activists. We are unselfish. We are relentless. We are mission-driven. We are counselors. We are proud. We are teachers. We are learners. We are limitless. We are idealistic. We RU.


For a University whose founding is rooted in social justice and values of inclusion, “We RU” is a perfect declaration of purpose and mission.


Role Conceptual Development / Creative Ideation / Creative Direction 

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